Sea Kayaking, Techniques Course
Welcome to a course in sea kayaking techniques. You will learn the tenchnical skills to go kayaking with friends and family in more challenging waters.

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16h (2 Days)


Min 6



Meeting point:

Støtt Brygge


Arena Støtt


NOK 2800

Main objectives:
Participant receive thorough training in kayaking techniques, safety and rescue methods. After completing the course, the participant will be able to perfect their techniques in calm waters and, gradually, also in more challenging conditions.
Detailed objectives:
  • Lifting, carrying and launching the kayak
  • Edging and securing your kayak
  • Efficient long-distance kayaking
  • Steering the kayak from bow and stern
  • Moving your kayak sideways
  • Bracing and sculling (high and low grip)
  • Rescue and self-rescue techniques. The Eskimo rescue. Towing another kayak.
  • Introduction to kayak rolling
Practical info
    You must bring:
  • 2 sets of woollen underwear (leggings and tops)
  • 2 pairs of socks, towel, hat and warm mittens
  • Fleece or wool sweater
  • Packed lunches and hot beverage
All electronic equipment should be safely stowed in a waterproof bag.
If you already have a dry suit and your own equipment, please bring it. Also bring gloves and a waterproof hood.

On the very first day we’ll be out on the water kayaking – so you have a lot to look forward to! If you have an NPF Wet Card, be sure to bring it.

This two-day course lasts about 16 hours.
Please note:
All kayaking courses are held by Rana SpesialSport (RSS), a company that has highly-qualified instructors as well as sea kayaking guides, with international certifications.

If you sign up for a course or a guided kayaking excursion, you can be confident that you are getting a safe, rewarding experience. It’s all about mastering the techniques, immersing yourself in the adventure, and pushing your personal boundaries.

  • It is a requirement to have valid travel insurance and that you make sure that you have sufficient insurance coverage for all activities you participate in.
NB: The course fee covers only the actual course. Participants must provide their own equipment, transport to Støtt, and buy their own food.
Registration is binding.

We look forward to sharing a great kayaking experience with you!

For additional details about the course, click here.:
What is not included:
  • The course fee covers only the actual course.
  • Participants must provide their own equipment
  • Transport to and from Støtt
  • Food and beverages.
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