Seaplane to Støtt
Do you dream of an airy and copious trip with a seaplane along the Helgeland coast - the world's most beautiful coast? How about a spectacular view over the majestic mountains, the small idyllic islands and the chalky white beaches surrounded by crystal clear sea?

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from 20 min


Max 4

Meeting Point:

Bodø Airport


Arena Støtt


From NOK 4000

Did you know that the tour starts from the airport in Bodø, with only a 2 minute walk from the terminal?
Take a flight to Støtt and have a spectacular journey with your family or friends. The trip from Bodø to Støtt takes you only 15 minutes, and the plane will take you back to Bodø again if this is desired.

You also have the opportunity to extend your trip to a sightseeing tour, where you can experience the unique Saltstraumen and Svartisen in a bird’s eye view.

The tour is of course tailored to your own wishes.

The price a standard tour will be NOK 4 000,- from Bodø to Støtt with room for 4 passengers. If it is desired to return to Bodø again, the total price will be NOK 5 000,-. In the case of tailored tours, contact us for a special offer.

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What is included:
Seaplane trip to Støtt
Please note:
Saltenfly Bodø A/S is the operator and is responsible for the whole trip
It is a requirement to have valid travel insurance and that you make sure that you have sufficient insurance coverage for all activities you participate in.

Check out the Saltenfly website or contact directly Saltenfly on Facebook or for a non-binding offer.
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