The Golden Age of the Støtt Trading Post
“The herring has come in!” exclaimed the proprietor of Støtt Trading Post. This “silver of the sea” was a source of wealth that required hectic activity by the fishermen, everyone at the trading post, those who hung cod to dry, or cooked oil from the cod liver, and the skippers who sailed their valuable cargoes south to eager customers.

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Støtt Brygge


Arena Støtt


NOK 1650

The proprietor invested significant capital and resources to establish the trading post at Støtt, and operated it for much of the 1800s. Erasmus Zahl also gave economic support to author Knut Hamsun, who in turn immortalised him in his novels, under the name of Mack.

Today, Støtt Old Trading Post is run by Støtt Brygge. It is one of the best-preserved treasures of Nordland’s ancient coastal culture. Moreover, Støtt is a vibrant fishing community, and proud families still reside in the old wooden houses. Today the village draws visitors from afar, who come for unique nature adventures and cultural experiences.

Join us for a “journey” that explores our proud heritage, in the museum on the second floor of Støtt Old Trading Post. Storytellers will share tales of the fishermen’s life and toils, of the merchants, of the islands’ history, of the old craft of drying cod, and of the coastal trade with Bergen and export abroad. You also have the opportunity to see the striking illustrations that the renowned artist Kaare Espolin Johnson made for Johan Bojer’s novel The Last of the Vikings. And we’ll tell you more about the lives of the fishermen who inspired Bojer’s novels.

A three-course seafood dinner in Restaurant Gammelbutikken and an overnight stay in the beautifully-restored Bakeriet will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Price: NOK 1650 per person
What is included:
  • Included is a guided tour of the museum (90 minutes),
  • Accommodation in a comfortable double room, and our breakfast buffet.
  • A three-course dinner
Know before you go:
  • It is a requirement to have valid travel insurance and that you make sure that you have sufficient insurance coverage for all activities you participate in.
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