Guided kayak trips
Exploring the Helgeland coast by kayaking amongst the islets and reefs of Støtt is the perfect adventure.

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Meeting point:

Støtt Brygge


Arena Støtt


from 1650

Some of these islets are part of a nature reserve. You will find rare flora and amazing birdlife with large nesting colonies.

Kayaking adventures at Støtt are suitable for beginners as well as experienced kayakers. It is the best way to explore the beautiful islands and islets, their coves and sheltered waters, at your own chosen pace.

We also offer guided trips for experienced kayakers who yearn for greater challenges. This might include skin diving in the crystal-clear waters near Støtt.

We invite you to join us for kayaking courses, guided kayak trips, and kayaking adventures in our beautiful archipelago. Each guided kayak trip is tailored to the participants’ wishes and level of experience, and to the season and weather. Whatever your preference, exploring Støtt Nature Reserve and its spectacular birdlife makes for memorable adventures!

You can choose between many suggested kayaking routes. Together, we can compose trips that are ideal based on your skills, the weather conditions and the season.

Did you know:
Støtt is renowned for its sheltered harbour.
Kayak trips are organised by our partners, Rana Spesialsport and Meløy Adventure. They have certified guides, and are responsible for the kayaking programme and safety procedures.
Know before you go:
  • It is a requirement to have valid travel insurance and that you make sure that you have sufficient insurance coverage for all activities you participate in.
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Kayak rental:
You can rent a kayak with equipment from us, provided you have an NPF Wet Card or similar certification.
Included is a free sea chart with suggested kayaking routes.
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