Trip to the glacier Svartisen
An Excursion to Svartisen, Engenbreen, climbing the second largest glacier in Norway.

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9 hours


Min 4



Meeting point:

Støtt Brygge




NOK 3490

You can hear the trickle of countless rivulets and little streams, smell the cold, and see the ice-crystals gleaming blue and green, turquoise and white. Ringed around the glacier, the forest is iridescent summer green. As you stand on the Svartisen glacier, you feel a shiver down your back – not from the cold but from the overwhelming beauty of the scenery.

Join us on an unforgettable day excursion to Svartisen glacier! From Støtt Brygge, our RIB boats speed towards the mainland. When we arrive at the harbour, our rented bikes are waiting; on two wheels we’ll ride as far as we can, before hiking the last stretch up to the glacier’s edge. With crampons on our boots and with ice-axe in hand, we’ll explore crevasses and amazing ice formations, and the glacial plateau itself.

On our return, we visit Brestua lodge for refreshments, before heading back to Støtt. (Open from 1. june up august)

We have all the equipment you will need on the glacier, but you should also bring a backpack, warm clothes, sunglasses and gloves. Upon departing from Støtt Brygge, you get a lunch pack which is included in the price.

  • Did you know that Svartisen, which covers 370 km 2 , is the second-largest glacier in mainland Norway?
  • The highest point of the glacier is 1564 m. At its thickest, the ice of the glacier arm called Engenbreen is 450 metres.
  • The lowest point of Svartisen is barely 20 metres above sea level, making the glacier very accessible.
What is included:
  • Accommodation in a double room.
  • Three-course dinner, and our buffet breakfast.
  • Day excursion to and from Svartisen glacier, with boat transport, bike rental, guide and lunch.
We provide all necessary equipment: crampons, ice-axe, helmet, harness and safety rope.

What is not included:
    The following needs to be purchased seperatly:
  • Transportation to Støtt
  • Lunch at Brestua
  • Drinks
Here is what you should bring:
  • Sturdy boots
  • Warm and waterproof clothing
  • Sun lotion and lip balm
  • A small rucksack, outdoor clothing, sunglasses and light gloves
  • Water bottle, nuts and chocolate
Know before you go:
  • You must be in good shape to participate in this excursion.
  • It is a requirement to have valid travel insurance and that you make sure that you have sufficient insurance coverage for all activities you participate in.
  • The day trip to Svartisen is delivered by Meløy Adventure who has separate insurance for this activity. Støtt Brygge is a intermediary for the trip.

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