About us

13 Jun, 2019

Our concept

As your hosts at Støtt Brygge, we have a strong focus on your holiday experience. We take great delight in introducing you to the island community, and in making sure you have rewarding adventures in our archipelago. Everyone here has a keen appreciation of the many moods of the surrounding sea, and its bounty. At the heart of what we offer is the restored and well-maintained Old Trading Post. The novels of Nobel Prize-winning author Knut Hamsun give a credible description of the trading post and the lively fisheries of the past – this heritage and coastal culture is still very much alive.

Your stay at Støtt Brygge will include details such as genuine down duvets, beautiful Italian beds, Biedermeier and Rococo furniture, candlesticks and chandeliers, and authentic old fishing gear. Traditional liquor is served in our bar – we have even preserved the rigging from a sloop that dates back to the 1870s.

A good holiday includes great dining. Støtt Brygge is renowned for serving seafood dishes of generous portions, made from the fresh local catch. The wines we serve are well-paired with these dishes. And we are confident that you yourself will provide the most important ingredients of a fine evening: good conversation, shared stories from your day’s adventures, and satisfied laughter.


stemningsbilde innendørs

What makes Støtt unique?

Støtt Brygge offers comfortable accommodation and great dining – and so much more. Here you are close to the ever-changing sea, the island wilderness, and the friendly islanders. As you can walk the island, you may find yourself enjoying rewarding chats with those who live here; they exemplify the unique openness and hospitality of rural Northern Norway. An amazing tranquillity settles in as you explore Støtt – where the only sounds are of sea birds and the waves washing ashore, and the sea air is relaxing as well as invigorating.

Støtt actually consists of several islands and islets, some of which are part of a nature reserve with rich birdlife and unusual flora.

One of the best ways to explore Støtt is by kayak; from the sea you always get a different perspective. If you prefer a faster pace, join a RIB boat excursion or go on a deep-sea fishing trip. For an exotic adventure, take a guided glacier walk or go ice climbing on Svartisen. For a bird’s eye view, you can take a ride in a seaplane or helicopter. If you want to live out in the wild, we offer a base camp with two traditional lavvo – and weather allowing, you can even sleep in one of the hammocks that are suspended under the fish-drying racks.

Foto: Hans Petter Sørensen – www.FarOutFocus.no

Who are we

Vi er et tett sammensveiset team som utvikler, skaper opplevelser og har det veldig gøy sammen.

Eva Andersen
Eva Andersen – Daglig leder

4. generasjons eier, kommer fra stillingen som Direktør for Internrevisjon i Selvaag i Grunder og startet Støtt Brygge i 2012. Den som staker ut kursen og passer på at vi beveger oss mot nye delmål. Bookingansvarlig og vertinne.
Svenn Sørensen
Svenn Sørensen – Markedsansvarlig

4. generasjons eier, kommer fra stillingen som Spesialrådgiver i DNB. Ansvar for salg og markedsføring i viktige markeder, historiefortelling, personlig vertskap og guiding
Cynthia Lizada – Chef de cuisine

Kjøkkensjef og ansvarlig for utvikling og drift av matkonseptet. Jobbet i flere land i Asia, internasjonale kjøkken kurs og opplæring hos anerkjente kokker i Norge.
Miralyn Lizada
Miralyn Lizada – Sous chef

Assisterende kjøkkensjef som lager mye god mat på kjøkkenet
Lasse Brun
Lasse Brun

Webdesigner, teknisk ansvarlig i utviklingsfaser og drift. En uvurderlig ressurs i dagens digitale samfunn.

Restaurantansvarlig i sommerhalvåret. Passer på at alle gjester får mat og god service.

5. generasjon. Går på siviløkonomstudiet på BI i Oslo for å lære masse og etterhvert komme hjem for å tilføre Støtt nye ideer og kunnskap. Sommerjobb på restauranten og i administrasjonen.

Går på Meløy videregående skole og har sommerjobb på restauranten og kjøkkenent. Nathalie prater mye med gjestene og passer på at alle få raskt og god service.

Preben har verdifull erfaring fra ulike serveringssteder og jobber på restauranten og i havna. Jobber med nye konsepter for unge og aktive gjester.

Søstrene som passer på at alle rom er rene og pene til gjestene kommer.

Travel here

13 Jun, 2019

It is quick and easy to get to Støtt. The island is situated in the middle of the shipping lane in the borough of Meløy, northernmost on the coast of Helgeland.

Get in touch with us for details of how to get here.

How to get to Støtt

Ørnes – Støtt – Ørnes:

Scheduled express boat services from Ørnes at 06:45 (30min), 09:35 (15 mins, every day except sunday 16:55) and 16:10 (30 min).
Return service to Ørnes on weekdays monday to thursday 17:00 or 17:25, friday 15:45 or 17:25 and on Sundays at 17:55.

Bodø – Støtt -Bodø:

Daily scheduled express boat services from Bodø at 16:15 (1 hour), Sundays at 16:45.
Return services on weekdays at 09:55, Sundays at 17:15.
Be sure to check the schedule on the travel planner below
Travel planner for the County of Nordland

Schedules from 19. august 2019:
NEX I Bodø – Sandnessjøen 19.08.2019 – 31.01.2020.pdf
NEX II Bodø – Svolvær 01.09.2019 – 31.01.2020.pdf
Schedule local boat – MS Skarstind

Schedules (Summerschedule 2019)
from 1. juni up to 31. august 2019:
NEX I Bodø – Helgeland 21.06.2019 – 18.08.2019
NEX II Bodø – Svolvær 01.06.2019 – 31.08.2019