When the midnight sun shines through the windows as you enjoy culinary
delights from the local waters, Restaurant Gammelbutikken is the perfect place
to be. The restaurant is located in the old shop which dates back to 1878,
emanating an aura of time-honoured coastal culture.

At Restaurant Gammelbutikken you can enjoy the good life and savour the
delicacies of the sea, either indoors or out on the quayside.

We prepare seafood made from fresh, locally harvested ingredients. We want
the food and wine served here to be an experience in its own right.

SSee our 2017 Menu here

Our most popular dishes are milk salted halibut, tenderloin of whale, stockfish
soup, fish soup, baccalao (cod and tomato casserole), boknafisk (cured cod),
stockfish, klipfisk (dried, salted cod) and salmon.
Afterwards, sweet temptations accompanied by a fine dessert wine will taste
delightful. Try our pavlova, panna cotta, fondant, rhubarb crunch or petite four.

  • Hvalkjøtt
    Marinert og stekt hvalkjøtt. Mørt og saftig.